The landfill/county dump Rules for this pandemic are Bull....

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Like the utility dept this segment of the county is also making payments very difficult for county residents. What’s going to happen is that burning trash is going to be the choice of many than running back and forth after making the long drive to the landfill just to be told our payment is not being accepted. We are all trying to stay safe but let’s get real. If places like this were seriously afraid of this epidemic then why not give these services they provide for free? And more than that, there are still ways they can do there job and take our payment without fear of exposure. They’re still getting paid for a job that didn’t require people to ever see them only now they’re acting like they are trying to take this outbreak as serious as going to the grocery store. And her that business is still very much thriving and said employees are always there!! And another thing is Now they have like 5 or 6 employees working at the site just because they’re charging?? Wtf is up this county seriously. I get that we need more jobs but why do only the same people keep getting these jobs? We never see a fair job opportunity in this town/county. And this paying for county trash when I have more than enough land to dispose of it myself is loco! Moreover, if these places like the utility and landfill department don’t want to take our payment then atleast make a freaking Dropbox and let our trip to your distantly far locations be worth our trip!!! Use the educated people good sense and stop thinking with your elementary level mind (which includes most of the county employees and utility board staff)!! I’m not trying to gossip but there’s nobody to contact and complain or give good options to. And yet these employees are still receiving a monthly check!!!

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