Utility board needs a better way of handling daily business

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Everyone who is out working is risking. But when your in a place like this u realize that this is something you’re gonna have to come out and deal with. A slot in the door or something to keep people from eating more than a steam or envelope just because these women don’t want contact. They sure as heck have had more contact w other men than anyone else I know. Another option would be to simply take a card payment but not charge the fee that they do. Before they started that stipulation it was the only way people paid., well several anyway. I think that these rules are as ridiculous as the people they have in charge of that place in the first place. Honestly,
Get u some educated people to run things.

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I’m sure I had read something last week on this same problem. I’d been looking for it see if things had changed up some for next cycle which is all to be coming up. Didn’t find it until this. I too hope that they do something about that credit card fee they are still wanting us to pay. It’s just so unfair as we are all going through the same serious problems. But even still, we make it down there to have our bill paid just to find that they’re locked in and only taking calls. Why show up for work and why should we spend gas and time? All you need to do is come on here and set the record straight for us all. You know, we risk our lives just as much going out there too.

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